The biggest story today is obviously the Celebrity College Admissions Scandal HOLY F-CKING SH-T. Thank you for all your messages about it. We’re on it. Or, I should say, Duana is on it. Duana has a PhD in school applications and admissions and everything to do with getting into schools – it’s her life’s passion, I’m not kidding. So look for that tomorrow. I can’t wait to read it.

People are still asking Idris Elba about Bond and he keeps saying the same thing, even though he jokes about it once in a while, because people still keep asking him and they’re not listening to him say what he says. Or paying attention to logic – because, really, how would the timeline work?! They’re not going for a one-shot Bond, especially when the next film has taken this long to get started on production. (Dlisted) 

Jacek was away last week. I took two days off TV work because I had to keep our two dogs alive and keep myself alive and write and edit the site and I know that makes me pathetic but there are things I’m good at and there are things I can’t do. And Barney and Elvis are a LOT. So I feel Katherine Schwarzenegger when she says it’s overwhelming looking after a dog. (Cele|bitchy) 

Gabrielle Union’s dress is great and making me so impatient for spring but it’s her hair I can’t stop looking at and it’s making me want to cut mine (this happens weekly) because it looks so f-cking good! (Go Fug Yourself) 

Clark Gregg aka Agent Coulson has some words for the people who were trying to take down Captain Marvel. Also, that de-aging thing they used in the movie is some crazy sh-t. Did you see how real it was on him?! (Pajiba) 

Every time I look at Casper Smart, and I’m happy, so happy, we don’t have to look at him much anymore, all I can think is “I don’t get it”. This will likely be the last time his name shows up on this site again. (TMZ) 

Do you wear Outdoor Voices? For several years now, Duana’s been on me about Outdoor Voices. Every time we’re in the US, she’s at Outdoor Voices. A couple of weeks ago, when we were in LA for the Oscars, she finally was like… since you exclusively wear sports bras, would you just try this on? And I did. And then I made her go buy me four of them. And now Outdoor Voices is getting The New Yorker treatment. So her smugness is at an all-time high. (The New Yorker)