Idris Elba gets real about why he’s stopped being interested in playing James Bond. He was on SmartLess and talked about all the speculation around whether or not he would be crowned the next 007 and while we’ve heard Idris discuss the possibility before, and the initial rationale about age, he’s now elaborating on how racism changed his perspective on the role and its appeal. (Dlisted) 


The Fug Girls are right – Teyonah Parris and John Boyega do look GREAT together, great enough to make me consider, maybe, seeing their new movie, They Cloned Tyrone, which a horror satire and not a straight up horror, but still… I don’t know if I’ll be able to handle it. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Prince William went clubbing the other night and this reminds me of the Mahiki days. Back in the mid- 2000s, William and Prince Harry seemed like regulars there – it was Mahiki and Boujis and the drinks were hilarious (basically the alcoholic equivalent of a giant plate of nachos) and they partied very hard in their blue dress shirts and khakis. (Celebitchy)

This might be the most beautiful video you will watch today. Because it’s about our capacity for change but also about the power of love. Most of us have all made mistakes, we’ve said terrible things. I certainly have, and definitely on this website where I have perpetuated transphobia and homophobia and racism during the early years of this blog. It’s a shameful part of this website’s history but shame should never get in the way of progress.


So we continue to try to do better and this man is doing the same – and as you can see, he’s being embraced for it, literally. But that’s also a testament to what makes the 2SLGBTQ+ community so special: the ability to forgive. Because those who’ve been cast out and rejected just for being who they are are often the ones who truly understand what love and acceptance really is, setting the best example for everyone else. (OMG Blog) 

I love this piece by Rebecca Jennings: “Welcome to the era of the trans it-girl”. (Vox)