Idris Elba stepped out last night in London in crutches. Do you know how hard it is to look good in crutches? And not just look good but look sexy? This man is walking in crutches and there’s been no change to his sexy meter. None.

Idris’s Dark Tower isn’t doing very well at the box office. He doesn’t have to sit on that L for long though because he has two films coming to Toronto – both The Mountain Between Us (with Kate Winslet) and Molly’s Game (starring Jessica Chastain) are world premiering at TIFF, both highly anticipated. And after that it’s Thor: Ragnarok. And after that it’s Luther, coming back next year. So can we go back to these pictures?

Idris is wearing Superstars. There are Superstar people and there are Stan Smith people. Because I’m a Superstar person. I have two pairs in rotation – one to kick the sh-t out of and the other to work into an outfit. Is Idris a Superstar person like exclusively? This is what I choose to believe.