Dear Gossips, 

On theme, I wish I had the restraint to hold this clip until the last post of the day which is always “What Else?”, because, well, you’ll see. But I can’t help myself. Because this made me laugh so much. Turn up the volume if you can so you can listen to the off-camera comment by one of the students with Catherine of House Cambridge last week during her school visit to Nower Hill High School. 


Here it is from another angle: 


It wasn’t just a “what else”…it was a “What.Else.” Preceded by an eyeroll! 

Is this the closest we’ve come to seeing a glimpse of the “real” Kate? A hint of impatience and exasperation. Even annoyance. Kate is typically always clenched and controlled, very rarely does she betray what she’s actually feeling. But, at least on my read, the mask slipped here for a second. 

I’m surprised though that this isn’t making more headlines, considering it’s publicly accessible. This is the sh-t the Daily Mail, for example, usually can’t get enough of. And you know if it was someone else in the chair with the children, they’d be blasting that headline. WHAT ELSE? 

And when else? 

Probably never. 

It’ll be at least a decade before we see Kate’s “what else” energy again, if ever. Rare like a comet. 

Yours in gossip,