Do you hear that beeping sound? That’s the sound of a Brinks truck backing up to Kim Cattrall’s house because she just got PAID. 


In a truly shocking, made-for-the-tabloids twist that seems more reality TV than prestige TV, Kim Cattrall has filmed a scene for the second season of And Just Like That… 

That’s right, everyone’s favourite saucy minx is back and credit to Ramin Setoodeh and Elizabeth Wagmeister at Variety for this huge scoop. This is the reporting: Kim shot in NYC but did not film with any of the cast (it’s a phone call), she has not spoken to SJP or Michael Patrick King and she was dressed by THEE Patricia Field, who is not working on And Just Like That… but of course was responsible for the Sex and the City wardrobe. Getting Patricia back on for one scene is a big deal.

So to reiterate: Kim secured the bag, filmed on her terms, got a big wardrobe bump and she doesn’t have to spend an hour doing something she doesn’t want to do. Iconic behaviour. 


And that’s just the filming. Leading up to the show we can assume she will do no press and yet the rest of the cast will have to answer loads of questions about her. Samantha’s appearance will be the mostly highly anticipated of the season. She will be that bitch and all she had to do was film a phone call. 

Max (formerly known as HBOMax and recently rebranded as a precocious 9-year-old whose parents wanted a name that was classic but snappy) benefits from this, big time. You could not have more buzz going into a new season. This is the feud-to-friends stuff Andy Cohen’s dreams are made of and you know, you just know, he and SJP dished over this. 


And you know what else is great? This is spicy but it’s not cheap. Some people might question why Sarah Jessica Parker (who is a producer and would definitely have OK’d this) want Kim back after all the back-and-forth and my answer is this: she is a professional. She is savvy. She is mature. She is making the right call here as this is what is best for the show. That’s commendable. From a storytelling standpoint it also makes sense as the door was left open a crack with the text exchange at the end of season one. 

This is a win for the audience, a win for Max, a win for social media, a win for SJP and most of all, a win for Kim Cattrall’s bank account. Beep beep.