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Dear Gossips,

I love Sundays right now. And it’s not just Game Of Thrones. It’s the combination of Game Of Thrones followed by Insecure. Also John Oliver came back last night. So, for me, it was two and a half hours of face-masking – two masks back to back for extra hydration! Someone needs to write an article about how to schedule beauty treatments around Peak TV.

Speaking of beauty though, both Game Of Thrones and Insecure turned up the beauty this season, non? After the season premiere I wrote about the difference in the GOT wardrobe budget as seen on Cersei, Daenerys, and Euron Greyjoy. Cersei once again was modelling some fine war couture on last night’s episode (more thoughts on what went down in Westeros later), Jon and Sansa’s northern capes are getting more and more impressive, and I was especially taken with the Lannister military gear. The detailing is exquisite.

On Insecure, Hunter Harris wrote last week about the show’s “Season Two Glow-Up” - it’s what happens when a series moves away from the training wheels of its first season to the confidence of being renewed for a second. It’s not just the storytelling and the pacing that gets better, the improvement is visible across the board. I’m pitching this for an upcoming episode of Show Your Work and what a difference the “glow-up” can have in the writers’ room and on set. Send us your examples. Friends is a good one – go back, if you can, to an episode from season 1 and compare it to season 2. Everything is glossier.

While Issa might look glossier though, underneath her glow-up, she’s still a mess. My favourite part of  last night’s episode 2 is how quickly Molly was able to call up Tasha on Instagram. It took NO time. Which is a metaphor for how quickly Molly is always calling out Issa on her bullsh-t. This is what you need in a friend – someone who will shove that phone in your face and tell you about yourself. And this time Issa actually listened. I love the decision the show made to not focus on what happened last episode and get into a prolonged when will Issa and Lawrence get back together situation (which is what we think we want) and instead redirected Issa – and us – into a place that requires much more deep-diving (which is what we need). How do you get over someone? How do you get over who you were when you were with that someone? How are you not watching Insecure!?

Yours in gossip,


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