As I wrote in the previous post about Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn breaking up – the news broke during a weekend break from touring for Taylor, conveniently circulating just as she was NOT scheduled to be on tour which, again, means she wouldn’t have to be facing thousands of people as they were processing the information and allowing for other stories to claim the spotlight and the news cycle so as to take the heat off her personal life. The Kardashians are always good for that. And, ironically, they came through for her because five minutes after Taylor’s split was dominating social media, along came Kylie Jenner and Timothée Chalamet. 


Multiple tipsters told DeuxMoi that Kylie and Timmy have been seeing each other since Paris Fashion Week in January. Here’s a video of them that has taken on new meaning now:


They will, supposedly, be together this coming weekend at Coachella, perhaps for Bad Bunny’s set? If it actually goes down that way, they might as well just make a bust out of platinum for Kris Jenner and mount it on the steps at the Met Gala. 


That said, people weren’t happy when it first came out that Kendall and Benito were a thing. The internet is mad again about Kylie and Timmy. Sometimes when the internet is mad, we get comedy. 


But how will Timmy handle being in the Kardashian ecosystem? He is the internet’s boyfriend but he typically only leaves scraps for the internet – Timmy hasn’t been all that active on social media for a couple of years, and now he’s allegedly dating social media because isn’t that what the Kardashian-Jenners are? They ARE social media. 

Then again, if Benito is in there, and it didn’t necessarily track with his previous vibe, Timmy’s way less of a stretch. So this is where we are now in 2023. Taylor Swift is single. Selena and Zayn. Kendall and Bad Bunny. Kylie and Timmy. If Florence Pugh starts dating Jack Harlow, we might not make it to the end of the year. 

But, please, if there is a God… protect Zendaya and Tom Holland.