Is Florence Pugh cold-shouldering Olivia Wilde because she disapproves of her relationship with Harry Styles? Internet sleuths think so and they’ll get their answer really soon because the film is premiering at the Venice Film Festival and we’ll see what happens on the carpet and at the press conference etc etc etc. Personally I don’t think there’s anything to this story because Florence doesn’t seem like she would give a f-ck. But there’s a very vocal faction of Harry Styles fans who are miserable about Harry being with Olivia and they’re running with this as far as they can. (Cele|bitchy) 


Have you fallen in love with Sparky yet? Sparky is a dog who refuses to walk – because he’s a spoiled prince. And the videos of Sparky being pulled on his belly by his humans at the mall and the convenience store, and the various other places he goes, are going viral. Sparky has over four million followers on TikTok! That’s because Sparky is adorable and hilarious – and he’s FINE. He’s VERY well taken care of. So well taken care of that he never has to jump on the bed, because his humans bought him special steps so just to get up a foot and a half. Trust me, Sparky is indulged. And he has great taste in music? A lot of Sparky’s videos are Chinese songs! (Dlisted) 

Brad Pitt modelled his favourite wrinkly fabric in bright green at the LA premiere of Bullet Train and do I like those sneakers on him but he absolutely cannot step to Brian Tyree Henry who came correct, and somehow is impervious to the heat, in an amazing coat over trousers. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Well here’s a discussion I will always have time for: Why didn’t Friday Night Lights become a huge hit in middle America? That reminds me, it’s been a minute since I rewatched it. (Pajiba) 

OH MY GOD… why don’t have a garbage bowl when I’m cooking? This is a genius idea and so much better and better for the environment than my method which is that I put everything from peels to soggy leaves to trimmed fat etc etc when I’m chopping on a paper towel and then just wrap it up and throw it in the compost bin. A garbage bowl is genius! And I’m a f-cking idiot for not thinking of it. (Eater)