There was no new episode of our current favourite rom-com, TNT, in Buenos Aires on Thursday night when Taylor Swift kicked off the South American leg of The Eras tour. 


After all that anticipation and speculation, Travis Kelce was not at the show. Instead, he was in Kansas City with his QB1, Patrick Mahomes, at the Mahomies Foundation Gala, which raises funds to support children in underserved communities. 


Taylor is also performing tonight and tomorrow in Argentina, so there is still a chance for a new episode of TNT. In the meantime, though, if you need a TNT fix, how about her song choices? As many know by now, Taylor’s always good for a couple of surprise songs with every show. And the second surprise song she performed last night in Buenos Aires was “Labyrinth” off Midnights. Swifties are reading deep into this because the lyrics to “Labyrinth" go like this, emphasis mine: 

“You know how scared I am of elevators

Never trust it if it rises fast

It can’t last

Uh oh I’m falling in love 

Oh no, I’m falling in love again

The first time she’s back on her stage since premiering the rom-com she’s been starring in this fall. And she’s singing to her fans that “she’s falling in love again”. 


Coincidence or conspiracy: 


It’s not like she doesn’t know how people react to her choices. It’s not like she isn’t aware of how her Swifties read into, well, everything. She knows better than anyone else. And that’s what she fed them last night. 

In non-Travis food, though, she also wore a lot of pink so now they’re also thinking that Lover will be the next re-recorded album to drop at some point. Being a Taylor Swift fan is a non-stop game of egg hunting. It’s why Caroline Mimbs Nyce was so astute last year when she wrote that Taylor’s created her own metaverse, basically her own video game on plutonium. Once you start playing, you never leave. It’s an addiction unto itself.