Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce were in Las Vegas this weekend. On Friday night they were seen on a double with Patrick and Brittany Mahomes and they were all in town because on Saturday night for the Mahomes Foundation Golf Classic gala. Travis has been supportive of Mahomes’s philanthropic efforts over the years and consistently shows up for his friend and teammate whenever possible, so obviously it was no surprise to see him there. 


The fact that Taylor joined him this time was notable. She is THE Taylor Swift, after all, and she’s out in the wild. 


Like any other gf going to a charity fundraiser with her boyfriend…except NBD she’s the billionaire in the room who’s breaking records with all her albums. She stayed off the mic on this night though while Travis was the one who addressed the crowd, referring to her as his “significant other”: 


“MY SIGNIFICANT OTHER!!” They’re auctioning Eras tour tickets✨ . . . #taylorswift #swifttok #traviskelce #tayvis #tnt #traviskelce87

♬ original sound - Joanna 🫧

Not going to lie, I cringed a little at the “alright alright alright” but, yes, I agree that that is exactly the kind of this Travis Kelce would say. And so is “significant other”, an expression I’ve never cared for because it’s intended as a replacement for other more simpler words that are considered by some to be, I dunno, less important, or not as respectable? It’s a bit old-fashioned, in my opinion (and remember, I’m an old c-nt), to think of the words “girlfriend” and “boyfriend” to be not as respectable. But that’s also why language is fascinating, because it’s often accompanied by value judgements. Here’s a value judgement: she IS his girlfriend and I don’t read a lack of status with that word, but I do read a lack of heat in “significant other” and this is why I’m objecting to it! Taylor and Travis are a hot and sexy couple – literally TNT, lol. “Significant other” is not giving hot and sexy, sorry. And if I’m using her song lyrics as insight into her personality, I don’t think she thinks it’s hot and sexy either. 

In other TNT news and speculation, Taylor resumes The Eras tour in ten days or so in France. But before that… 

A week from today is the first Monday in May. Met Gala. Will they? 


So many of her friends are likely going, from regulars like Gigi Hadid, Zoë Kravitz, Blake Lively, Margaret Qualley have a high probability of attendance; Patrick and Brittany Mahomes actually made their Met Gala debut last year. So another double at the Met Gala next Monday? Or not? 

And finally, since nobody was asking, Joe Alwyn is apparently doing fine. PEOPLE just published a story yesterday with an update on Joe – he’s happy and dating and isn’t resentful towards Taylor. He also has a role in Yorgos Lanthimos’s new film, Kinds of Kindness, starring Emma Stone and I mention this because Emma, of course, is close with Taylor and they’ll be promoting the film together very soon as it’s set to premiere in Cannes. Looking forward to seeing that photo of them standing next to each other. Or not next to each other. Curious to see how that will be arranged.