Is Prince William worried about Kristen Stewart and Spencer being nominated for BAFTAs? Maybe the better question is… are there any shenanigans happening with Spencer’s chances for nominations at the BAFTAs considering that William is the symbolic head of BAFTA? (Cele|bitchy) 


He likes to pretend he’s not really a Hollywood person, but he is.” Best description of Sean Penn ever, by Elizabeth McGovern. (Dlisted) 

THIS OUTFIT ON ASHLEY PARK! I want to rip it off her body – if ripping could be done gently and respectfully, which, probably not, but that’s how much I’m thirsting for it. Love everything: the pattern, the neon and the pattern, even the length, and those shorts are short, no doubt, but worth it for the whole effect. And while it’s perfect, if there’s one thing that could make it MORE perfect, it would be a hood. I don’t think it has a hood but maybe that’s a good thing because I’m already too obsessed with it. (Go Fug Yourself) 

I am not a pizza snob. Like, I know people who think that restaurant chain pizza is gross and …well… I could not disagree more. I’ll eat any pizza. That said, by any pizza, I mean with the standardised requirements. Cold cheese on pizza is not a standard. It is a stunt. And that’s how it’s being served at this place and, well, it’s not like I’d never try it. I will try almost any food that doesn’t have raisins ruining it. But I don’t understand why this needs to happen. Why the cheese should be cold. Why? (Pajiba) 


Staying with food here, I’m like Martin Short’s character, Oliver, in Only Murders in the Building – and if you haven’t watched this show, stop denying yourself the job – I LOVE DIPS. But I haven’t been making many dips lately…why? Why have I been depriving myself? This is going to change this weekend. I’m going to try making at least three of these dips, starting with muhammara which I was so addicted to a few years ago, I was making it every other week. If you haven’t tried it, be ready for lifechanging flavour. (Eater)