I posted photos of Jeremy Allen White looking ripped last Friday, might as well do it again this Friday and go two-for-two. Here he is yesterday out in LA for brunch with friends in a white tank with his guns out.


And conveniently on the same day it was announced that his next film, The Iron Claw, will be released in December. A photo of Jeremy alongside other members of the cast was also made available.


That’s Zac Efron sitting on the fence to Jeremy’s right. They both hit the gym hard for their parts as they’re playing brothers Kevin and Kerry Von Erich, two members of the real life wrestling family who made history in the 80s. This is a family tragedy, so tragic that there’s a name for it: the Von Erich curse. 

I followed wrestling a bit in my teens and I remember hearing about the rise and fall of Kerry but wasn’t at all familiar with the other members of the family and its sad history until I just read some of the backstory just now. Kevin and Kerry were two sons out of six. Five out of those six sons died before the patriarch, Fritz, who was also a wrestler and got his kids involved. Three out of the six sons died by suicide. 

Suffice to say, The Iron Claw is probably not going to be a super fun times film. And it’s coming out during the holidays. Counter-programming, I guess?


Anyway this is partly why Jeremy is now so jacked - this is the role he’s been working on. And he’s clearly kept up with the program in his newly single era. On that note, are people still rumouring over him and Selena Gomez

Because if that’s not happening, and since I want to post these photos of her in this red jumpsuit with her hair freshly bleached, should we Gossip Genie Jeremy with Florence Pugh? I can see it, can you?!

Florence is not crossing the picket line here. She was at the opening of the Lotus flagship store yesterday in London, wearing Moschino.