As I was putting together Smutty Social Media yesterday, I noticed that Jaime King wrote a #WCW (Women Crush Wednesday) for FKA twigs. I included it because I thought it was cute that twigs was holding the most basic grocery store cake for Robert Pattinson (it was his birthday on May 13), and not even she could make it look cool.

(Click on images below to see them in full size.)

I quickly scrolled through the comments and they were of course a mess because where FKA goes, Twihards follow with dozens of fake accounts saying the most vile, racist disgusting sh-t. I debated about including some screencaps but I don’t want to give space to that. A few hours after I filed though, Jaime deleted the post. I don’t blame her – Jaime’s feed is about positivity and kindness. And even if it wasn’t, who would want to expose their friend to vitriol from a bunch of f-cking anonymous losers?!

I, like many of you, used to laugh at Twihards. Sad (mostly) women hiding behind keyboards, clinging to two people who want nothing to do with them. Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are clearly living separate lives after breaking up years ago. But some fundamentalists believe that Rob and Kristen are living in the US with their 2 (or is it 3 now?) children, and FKA twigs is… some kind of elaborate distraction. Making Kristen Stewart’s partners (like Alicia Cargile and Stella Maxwell) just “close friends.”

Let’s tumble down the alternative facts rabbit hole for a minute. Imagine twigs and Rob are a PR scam: wouldn’t Rob and Kristen be equally to blame for lying to their fans? Why is it OK to say the most horrible things about FKA twigs but give “married” Rob a pass for pretending to have a girlfriend? How is FKA “using Rob” (which is their main argument) if they are in an equally beneficial fake relationship? And the most important question: Why would they do any of this?!

It makes no sense, but sense is not required for this subset of Twihards. And when they say something racist or threatening, they pass it off as passion. (Is this the same thing as “economic anxiety”?) Because they are fans who only want the best for their beloved Robsten, it’s fair to call twigs a whore.

I’ve always thought these people were pathetic but harmless…and yet… what if they aren’t? Look at what is happening in the world -- the comments section has sprung to life and we are watching it unfold with every new headline. We are inundated with assholes like this at every turn, people who think their desperation and their fears about anyone who doesn’t look like them justifies harassment. They use their rabidness as protection against logic and civility.

But despite their absolute belief in their Robsten theory, these special Twihards hide behind fake profiles because even they know, in the pit of their stomach, that they are losers. There is no space to be kind or empathetic with these women. You create a fake account to call someone the N-word on Instagram, you are a piece of sh-t, full stop. I don’t care how much you liked a movie about vampires or how empty your life is. Kristen is in a romantic relationship with a woman. Rob is engaged to FKA twigs. There is no pedophilia sex ring in the basement of a pizza parlour. Deal with it.

Here's Jaime King at a Lucky Brand event last week in LA.