Stronger, starring Jake Gyllenhaal as Boston marathon bombing survivor Jeff Bauman, opens this weekend. Click here for my thoughts on the film after its TIFF world premiere. To promote Stronger, Jake and Jeff interviewed each other which turns into Jeff giving Jake sh-t, kinda like Zach Galifianakis’s Between Two Ferns. It actually reminds me of when Bradley Cooper was on with Zach a few years ago, around the time of the first Hangover movie.

Anyway, Jake, as we know, does not like personal questions and certainly does not appreciate any personal questions about Taylor Swift. But when it’s Jeff, now a friend of his, asking the personal questions, he can’t be an asshole about it. The question isn’t super gossipy. And the answer isn’t super gossipy. But Jake does know about Taylor. Well, at least he knows about her music:

Like I said, it’s not all that interesting. It’s actually more interesting hearing Jeff give Jake the gears about being a spoiled Hollywood star. And what’s also working for me here is that you get a sense of who Jeff is. Stronger is, after all, his story. And he’s not perfect. In fact, he’s actually, at times, a dick. A mouthy dick. Which is one of the strengths of the film. That they’re not telling us that this man was and is an angel. That we don’t have to turn people into saints when we’re sharing their experiences.

If you were wondering, here’s Bradley Cooper on Between Two Ferns. I’ve seen this so many times and it’s still funny to me. Like I legitimately think it’s good acting. I lose it every time they start slapping at each other.

Attached - Jake promoting Stronger last week in New York with Jeff Bauman and Tatiana Maslany.