Speaking of press tours and people who should stay inside, Jake Gyllenhaal and Conor McGregor were photographed at sneaker store Stadium Goods in New York yesterday, “gearing up” for the Road House press tour this month. I need Zendaya to stay inside because every time she steps on a red carpet it’s a full-fledged fashion emergency and I am exhausted, Jake G and Conor McGregor can just stay inside. 


They will presumably be at SXSW next week for the premiere of Road House—which director Doug Liman is boycotting due to shenanigans, maybe his own, who can never be sure—and I guess we can expect them to wear noticeable kicks. McGregor, who has been accused of sexual assault but won’t be charged, is making his feature debut as an actor in Road House. He’s probably playing the main henchman Jake G squares off with, and he’s going to be front and center for the press tour. You know, this actually makes me long for the next Zendaya global fashion parade when Challengers comes out next month. At least no one in that film makes me feel gross by association.