One thing that made this awards season feel interminable, besides the existential knowledge of ever encroaching death, was the Dune 2 world tour. This movie was supposed to come out in November last year but got delayed by the strike. Undoubtedly the right call! It’s an audience movie, and a movie audiences love, going by the big weekend box office


But that also means we had a major blockbuster coming out in the middle of awards season, and not just any blockbuster, but one with a press tour that doubled as a global fashion show. Every premiere was a Fashion Extravaganza, and it was very fun, but please, I am so tired now. How am I to care about the Oscars red carpet when Zendaya already wore archival Mugler in what is probably going to be THE red carpet look of the year


Anyway, Zendaya INSISTS on continuing to go outside, and I am BEGGING her to stay inside for like, two weeks, just so we can catch our breath. Yesterday, she was outside at the Green Carpet Fashion Awards, of which she is a co-chair, accompanied by the legendary Law Roach. Z rocked pre-Raphaelite hair and a plunging fringed gown that made all the Coachella girlies weep with envy, and Law’s center part is so ferocious that somewhere in Montecito, Gwyneth Paltrow felt her scalp pull. 


Also at the event were Annie Lennox(!), Chrissy Tiegen and John Legend, Helen Hunt(!!), Quannah Chasinghorse and D'Pharaoh Woon-A-Tai(!!!), and Canada’s own Rupi Kaur(!!!!). These people, I am glad to see out and about, especially Quannah and D’Pharaoh, both of whom look AMAZING. Zendaya, however, I am going to need to take a long nap after the Oscars. My carpal tunnel is flaring up and I need respite! Please stay inside! For a few days, at least! Think of all the sore fingies!