Here are Jake Gyllenhaal and Eiza Gonzalez on the LA set of Ambulance, directed by Michael Bay. Because this is a Michael Bay movie, I am surprised that Eiza, who may be playing a paramedic, is not dressed in a bikini. But maybe Michael Bay is doing better by women now in his work. 


As I noted last time I posted about this project it was surprising to me that Jake was actually in a Michael Bay feature because it’s not the kind of storytelling (things go fast and boom!) that connects to his choices in recent years. That said, perhaps his friend Ryan Reynolds had a positive experience and variety is never a bad thing. Leonardo DiCaprio, for example, could stand to stretch a little. 

The reason I’m posting these shots though is because Jake appears to have some kind of explosive dust all over him (things go fast and boom!, see?) and as a result, it looks a little like he’s gone grey. Actually, when I first looked at these photos in thumbnail, I thought maybe he’d gone platinum blondish. It’s amazing though how the makeup and hair artists have been able to apply the dust on his hair so evenly. From where I am, if it weren’t for all of it on his face, it could have been a dye-job, non? (It is a not a dye-job, I don’t think, because in pictures from another day on set, his hair is his usual brown.) It looks good on him, non? 


Jake turned 40 years old in December. That’s a milestone, isn’t it? You know, when it’s a famous woman around Jake’s age, they used to always get asked about the family thing. Do you want to get married? Do you want to have children? Does Jake want to get married? Does he want to have children? Jake and Jeanne Cadieu have been together over two years now. There haven’t been too many updates about their status in a while, although that doesn’t mean much considering he doesn’t put that out there. Lockdown can be, as we’ve seen, a perfect time for status changes though – and not necessarily the sad kind.