Did you wear Calvin Klein Eternity back in the day? Or were you too cool for it? I was definitely not too cool for it. I was also not too cool to over-fragrance either. I think peak over-fragrance for me was Grade 10. I’d get in the car and my dad would cough. My obsession (ha!) with Eternity also had a lot to do with Christy Turlington.

Raf Simons, after leaving Dior, is now the creative director of Calvin Klein. Raf went to see Jake Gyllenhaal in Sunday In The Park With George on Broadway earlier this year. Jake is now the face of the new Eternity campaign. The ad was released yesterday. It’s still the ocean. It’s still black and white. It’s still about love, eternal love, family love, modern family love. If you haven’t seen this, and men with babies is your kryptonite, men and babies RECITING POETRY, be warned:

The words of e.e. cummings, read by Jake Gyllenhaal and Liya Kebede, directed by Cary Fukunaga. It’s almost too much. I can’t decide if it’s kind or cruel that Jake and Cary are now collaborators. You’ll recall, Cary shot a promo for Sunday In The Park With George a few months ago. They know each other because Jake’s producing partner, Riva Marker, worked together on Beasts Of No Nation.

In a new interview with W Magazine to promote his collaboration with Calvin Klein, Jake says that what motivates him now is the opportunity to work with interesting people and it’s cool if that’s cool but doing what’s cool isn’t the goal. I believe him. That said, I also like the timing of this release, a few weeks after Stronger, and now that he’s one of the several actors in position to take the 3rd, 4th, and 5th Best Actor Oscar nomination spots behind the two frontrunners Gary Oldman and Daniel Day-Lewis (whose movie is still in post and doesn’t come out until Christmas and very little is known about it but Paul Thomas Anderson directed and DDL gets a nod every time he opens his mouth), the Eternity campaign, which certainly doesn’t take away from his brand, won’t hurt, not at all. Especially not if they’re planning on putting his face up at every bus stop and billboard during holiday season. He’ll have a presence way past the end of Stronger’s theatrical run. And while moviegoers are on their way to the theatres to see the other candidates’ films.