Gabrielle Union and Jake Gyllenhaal were in London last night for the UK premiere of Strange World. It’s been months since we’ve heard from Jake, right? He was in Cannes in the spring, on the red carpet with Jeanne Cadieu, but it’s been quiet now for several months, although Sarah did get mad at him back in August when it was announced that the Road House remake was moving forward. That’s actually what Jake’s been doing lately – working on the Road House movie in the Dominican Republic, they just wrapped at the beginning of this month. 


The other project he’s been spending time on is his children’s book, The Secret Society of Aunts & Uncles. It was announced last week that Jake’s first book will be released next September, inspired by his relationship to his nieces, and it’s a “madcap, magical adventure into the heart of what it means to have an aunt or uncle—how we learn to keep each other close and how we find love in the simplest things".

Jake says that he has been an uncle for a long time and he’s been reading to them their whole lives but had never found a book he could share with them that’s about the special bond between children and their aunts and uncles. It’s a good idea, I don’t doubt that there’s a dearth of content in that category. 

And now he has something else in common with his co-star, Gabrielle, who also co-wrote two children’s books with Dwyane Wade: Shady Baby and Shady Baby Feels; Shady Baby, of course, is their daughter Kaavia’s nickname. I’ve read both, they’re super cute. The illustrations are fun, the rhymes are pretty hilarious, and the kids are getting a good lesson about sharing and cooperation but also managing their emotions.


Can we talk about Gabrielle’s look, though? The dress is Elie Saab, it is f-cking magnificent on her. And, my God, this hairstyle. 


Gabby’s fit is the main event, obviously, and nothing could take away from it but I was curious about Jake’s. I like the stripe of the shirt underneath the orange sweater that clearly had its own print. Except that I can’t find a photo of him with his coat off. Take your coat off, Jake! What’s the point in wearing if it you’re not going to show it?!