The Spider-Man: Far From Home premiere was last night. Previously on Behind the Scenes of Spider-Man, we were focused on whether or not Zendaya and Tom Holland are more than just friends. This time around, for this press tour, even though people keep trying to create some kind of Zendaya-Tom intrigue, like squealing over this video of Tom’s ma admiring Z’s dress (which is a NOTHING moment, calm down, kids)…

…it’s the bromance between Tom and Jake Gyllenhaal that’s gone viral. You know what happened when I tried to ask Jake about his bromance with Riz Ahmed last year at TIFF? He basically made me feel like an asshole, like it’s a stupid question. Google “Jake Gyllenhaal/Tom Holland bromance”. He’s out here talking to EVERYONE about his bromance with Tom Holland. Well, now I feel special. 

Anyway, Spider-Man: Far From Home opens on July 2. Reviews are looking really good. It’s currently sitting at 93% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes; Sarah’s review is coming soon but she texted me last night to say it was “fun”. So it looks like that bromance is going to pay off. 

But Jake’s going viral on his own too because of a radio interview he did on BBC Radio (Tom was there too but he’s not really a factor here). It’s a show called Unpopular Opinions with Greg James. You can watch the full version here – Jake is pretty great throughout but it’s towards the end where he brings out the mega charm when someone calls in and says that Sean Paul is overrated and Jake becomes a member of Sean Paul’s Night’s Watch: 

This is why, even though he loathes me, I still love him. Because when Jake turns it on, he’s amazing. I lost it when he started in with “up with it girl”. Like, I’m not sure about that chain he keeps wearing, but the rest of it is pure, undeniable charisma. And Sean Paul sends his thanks: 

There it is, the friendship you never knew you needed, Jake and Sean Paul.