Jake Gyllenhaal and Tom Sturridge met up with Adele for dinner last night. As already established earlier this week when Adele and Jennifer Lawrence hung out at Pieces, celebrity friendship is good for gossip. Adele does her friendships a lot less ostentatiously than, ahem, some other people but there are some interesting connections here. Because Adele does love her gossip. And she’s friends with Taylor Swift too. Do you think she’s ever tempted to, like, lean across the table after a few vodka cocktails and ask, “Jake, seriously, what the f-ck happened there, why did you cut and run, that was a dick move”. She would want to know, don’t you think? 

Anyway, you see this face that Jake’s making at the paps? I sent this face to Sasha earlier when these shots came through from the agency because we’re very familiar with it. This is the face of hate that he directed at me at TIFF last year on the red carpet for The Sisters Brothers. He looked at me like I look at raisins. Raisins are vile. I was vile. As Sasha said afterwards, “I’m actually afraid for you – it seemed like you were his worst enemy and he has a voodoo doll in your likeness that he curses every morning”, something like that. When I asked her today whether or not she recognised his expression in these pictures, her response was, “That look of disgust is imprinted in my brain”.    

Sasha and I podcasted about it and Duana and I talked about it on an episode of Show Your Work a few months ago, so some of you already know this story but Sasha and I wanted to include these pictures on the site today because we thought you might want a visual to go along with the details. Jake’s face of disdain, abhorrence, and loathing is what I was looking up at on that carpet. 

In other Jake news, he trolled 50 Cent the other day because 50 is always on about cars and sh-t on Instagram. 


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He’s delightful. He hates me and his face when he looks at me makes me think I should pretty much expire and rid the earth of my DNA but I can still appreciate that when he turns it on, it’s clever and entertaining and he is the top of his class, one of the best of his generation of performers.