Endings, Beginnings was always going to have a star-studded world premiere at TIFF. The cast is stacked: Sebastian Stan, Jamie Dornan, Shailene Woodley, Shamier Anderson… and with the film being on the market, they came ready to play and sell Drake Doremus’ latest improv-based “romantic” breakup drama. But the real romance, and story of the night, was the “bromance” between Sebastian Stan and Jamie Dornan.

I mean, the photos speak for themselves.



They arrived at almost the exact same time and basically walked the carpet together. While they did press separately, they were always circling each other, posing for pictures together with their director, and going in for hugs. It's funnier still when you consider that Jamie and Sebastian are both fighting for Shailene Woodley's love on-screen. So they're coming for your girl in the story… but it's nothing but guy-love otherwise. Jamie and Sebastian were in a celebratory mood and were super gracious with the fans, and the press. They were present and engaged with reporters and ready and willing to talk about their most well-known characters, Bucky and Christian Grey.  

And the bromance kept going all night long. The two hit up the Hugo Boss x Endings, Beginnings after-party at Montecito, and were holding court together (and apart) until around 1:30am at Soho House. And it appeared like they were energized, in great spirits, and ready to keep celebrating the film… and their bond. The movie is up for sale, but I'm convinced their bromance will make it even if the film doesn’t. 

(Lainey: this post is dedicated to Jake Gyllenhaal, who hates the word “bromance”, and the anniversary of the time I did an interview with him at TIFF last year and he shut me down over it.)