Among the detritus of the abandoned Amazing Spider-Man movies is Jamie Foxx’s turn as the villain Electro. Though I’ve only seen The Amazing Spider-Man 2 once, I don’t remember Foxx being the main problem with that movie—or even the second, third, or fourth problem with that movie—so it’s nice to hear he’s going to get a do-over and will be bringing Electro to the MCU and the Tom Holland-led Spider-movies. 


I guess we shouldn’t be surprised by announcements like this anymore, because popular actors getting a second chance at superhero roles is all the rage right now, but Marvel Studios has generally been loathe to bring in any piece of continuity they did not themselves lay down, up to and including stuff from TV shows produced by their partners at Marvel Entertainment. In the last Spidey movie, though, we saw JK Simmons return as J. Jonah Jameson, so it seems they’re loosening up a bit (especially with the multiverse looming around the corner, we’re probably in for lots of fun cameos and surprises). That, or this is all about the Sinister Six.

Sony, who co-parents Spider-Man with Marvel, has been threatening us with a Sinister Six movie for years, and it was part of their spin-off plans back in the Amazing days. In almost every iteration of the Sinister Six roster Electro is present, so if they’re serious about making a Sinister Six movie—and they really, really are—they’re going to need Electro. Why recast when you already have an A-list star affiliated with the role? Especially when said star put a lot of energy and effort into the first version of the character, and it didn’t work out. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 falling flat was not Jamie Foxx’s fault, and there’s no sense throwing the baby out with the bathwater if Foxx is willing to give it another go. And if the persistent rumor that Kraven the Hunter will be in Spider-Man 3 is true, then Sony would be two-thirds of the way to the Sinister Six (90% of the way if they make Morbius a member instead of, say, Sandman).  


Of course, people are now wondering if this means the Tom Holland movies and the Andrew Garfield movies are connected—ditto for the Sam Raimi movies by way of JK Simmons. I don’t think it does, and I don’t expect this to be a Flashpoint style story that connects all the previous Spider-men together. I think it’s more about preserving talent even if previous movies didn’t work out. Jamie Foxx is wildly popular, if you can get him to try it again, why not? There’s literally no downside. And I don’t think this will be the exact same character treatment we saw before, I expect Foxx will put a new spin on it, something that fits into the overall bouncier tone of the Holland movies. I’m interested in seeing Foxx try Electro again, even if we don’t need a Sinister Six movie.


Attached: Jamie Foxx with friends in Malibu the other night.