Like everyone else, Jamie Foxx was in LA for Oscar weekend and hit up several parties, including a benefit gala, where he was the host, and while on stage at one point, referring to couples and romance, he decided to just casually mention, with a microphone in his own face, that “I’m single”, which many are taking to mean that he and Katie Holmes aren’t together anymore. The thing with Jamie though, and the way he’s been with Katie, I don’t know if you can take that at face value and get a good read from it about whatever it is that’s between them. 

Katie and Jamie have been “together” for five years. They were together for the holidays a couple of months ago but before that, as we saw, they kept it very undercover – Jamie especially was cagey AF, almost like he didn’t want you to think he was with her. Just like with this “I’m single” comment, he either isn’t with her anymore or he doesn’t want you to think that he’s still with her. So romantic, non? 

But that’s why I’m saying this situation is so hard to read. Because his attitude about this … relationship, if you can call it that… has never been to be all that enthusiastic about it. And not only has he never confirmed it, he’s also actively tried to pretend it doesn’t exist. Which is more my point – not whether or not he’s single and they’ve broken up but the dynamics between these two has always been so f-cking weird. And it’s more than just protecting privacy, at least where he’s concerned, it’s another level of avoidance. Maybe she’s tired of it and he really is single now for that reason. Maybe he hated it so much that everyone was talking about their trip to Miami for the holidays and he wants to stay together but he now wants to put their relationship back in the cave. Or maybe he hated that kind of exposure in Miami for the holidays and wanted to end it. Either way, where Jamie is concerned, the answer and option is always some kind of duck and deny – ducking around their situation or denying that there’s a situation there, whether they’re together or not. Again… SO romantic, isn’t he? 

Here he is, leaving an Oscars party the other night with several attractive women, including Jessica Szhor.