Maria mentioned yesterday that Janet Jackson and Jermain Dupri may be back together. Whenever I think of Janet and Jermaine (not to be confused with her brother Jermaine), I think of Chris Rock’s opening monologue of the 2003 MMVAs. It’s one of my favourite Chris Rock bits, ever. “We all had a shot!” I die every time. Please enjoy this Throwback Thursday nostalgia with me. The bit starts at the 4:17 mark. 


“Seeing Janet Jackson with Jermaine Dupri was like finding out about a sale a day too late. Damn, they were selling Bentleys for four dollars yesterday?” 

The sentiment hold up. Janet Jackson is still way too good for Jermaine Dupri and yet, I think I’m on board for this reunion. Janet is going through a divorce. The breakup was rough. When I saw her in concert last month, she broke down in tears during What About. She still seemed heartbroken. I just want Janet to be happy. My friend Denise, my go-to source for all things Janet, thinks that Janet was the happiest when she was with Jermaine. When they were together, she publicly talked about how in love they were and how beautiful Jermaine made her feel. This may be because Jermaine is the Chrysler minivan to Janet’s Bentley but it sounds like he rightly treated her like the legendary Queen that she is. After going through a marriage that was reportedly abusive and unhealthy, it makes sense for Janet to go back to a reliable, safe space with an ex who worships her. Sure, that sounds like a pretty unromantic rebound but is that such a bad thing?

Janet and Jermaine stayed friends after they broke up in 2009 but ceased contact when Janet was married to Wissam Al Mana. US Weekly reports that Jermaine was the one to reach out to Janet after the split and now, “They are 100 percent back together and in love.” A couple days ago, they were spotted “cuddled up” in a booth in Atlanta at her tour wrap party. So, it sounds official and serious. Things go a lot faster when you get back with an ex, don’t they? Like, you’ve already gone through the beginning stages so it’s straight to the “in love” and comfort level that comes with being with someone for 7 years. 

I still can’t get “We all had a shot!” out of my head. Jermaine Dupri shot his shot. I can’t be mad at that. As long as Janet’s happy, I’m happy. 

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