Yesterday, Kathleen wrote about the issues between Selena and her mother and now they have unfollowed one another on Instagram. For all the world to see. (Her mom still follows The Weeknd.) It’s definitely high drama. But I want to go back to Selena and Justin’s Seattle date for a minute. When the story came out, I wondered why they specifically chose Seattle out of all the places they could go with a few hours and a jet. Pastor Judah Smith, a very close confidant of Justin Bieber and the one who actually introduced him to Pastor Carl Lentz, has a church in Seattle. So I did a bit of Googling and found this: Justin and Selena Were Jet-Setting for Jesus, Weekend Getaway to See Famous Pastor


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Janet Jackson and Jermaine Dupri are back together?!?!?!?!?!?!


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Gwen and her children jokingly wore this backstage and yes it’s extra but it’s also kind of cute – everyone was trying it on.

It is true that bullies pick on people to feel better about their own failures and shortcomings. And horrible ties.


I’m not a fan of sports but I enjoy the gossip around sports teams. Tom Brady, who is establishing himself as an athletic wellness expert (through his meal plan, book and training center), has a long-time friend, business partner and trainer, Alex Guerrero. According to the Boston Globe, Alex has recently had his sideline access revoked and can no longer board the team plane to travel with Brady. He also can’t treat other players (besides Tom) in the locker room or team office. So QB1 and coach are obviously not seeing eye-to-eye on Alex’s contribution to the organization. How does that play out privately in locker room conversations?


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Shady and Eichner, I ship this

IT’S A LEGITIMATE CHRISTMAS MIRACLE AND NO I WILL NOT CALM DOWN. (In a subsequent thread, Liam said Noel has reached out to him.) I don’t want a Love Actually sequel but if they were to make one it could just be a rolling list of Liam’s tweets about Noel. 

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