I remain the only one repping Justin Bieber + Selena Gomez 3.0 at this site. Emily, our site manager, and Kathleen are resolutely against it because they’re worried for Selena will get f-cked over again. The others claim to be too grownup to care. That leaves me, over here in the corner, living for JB and Selena’s high school forever love. 

Because it’s still so high school. And I don’t just mean the drama. I mean their actual dates. 

She goes to watch him play pickup hockey and they kiss when he comes off the ice. So high school. Our 15 year old niece has a hockey player boyfriend. That’s basically what they do. 

On Saturday, JB and Selena were seen boarding a private jet. They ended up flying to the Seattle area and were seen on their date at the Sugar Factory in Bellevue. In other words, they pretty much fueled up the plane and went to The Peach Pit for a milkshake. See? Totally high school. 

And this makes total sense. Child stardom is arrested development. So of course this is what their dates are going to look like. When he proposes, it’s probably going to be a prom-posal. And you know what? I am here for it.