I’m cheating by calling Jared Leto a twin – he carried around his own head. Maybe that would be irreverent and serious and ridiculous if we hadn’t seen it before – Gucci did it in Fall/Winter 2018. A gag that is only a year old is not Camp. 

Jared Leto is always in Gucci so of course he was going to be looking like this, but if he’s always in it, is it Camp? Can something this expected be ridiculous? Yesterday Lainey wrote about Keanu and how others, like Jared Leto and Johnny Depp, could never. Never ever. Can you imagine Keanu rolling up to the Met Gala? Never!

Jared can’t be Camp because he’s ironic, and irony isn’t Camp. Jared’s whole persona is ironic in that he printed a sweatshirt to point out how much money female models make, while he benefits monetarily from his fashion relationships. He wants to direct his disdain at those women’s paycheques, while also being a part of the industry that pays them. Actually that’s not irony, that’s hypocrisy. Anyway, he’s dressed like an asshole, per usual. Gucci’s purposeful ugliness loses its appeal on him. 

Then it’s over to Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, a consistent favourite of mine. Vogue’s headline on their appearance reads, “Once Again, the Olsens Chicly Reject the Met Theme”. Last year, I wrote, “For the Olsens, it will be quick and easy as my point from last year still stands – the Olsens have a specific aesthetic and an innate sense of style, and they don’t bend the knee to anyone (including Anna Wintour).” 

Sometimes, the Olsens do dress Camp, but it’s not on purpose, which makes it even more Camp because it’s sincere. This year, they wore complementary leather dresses which are fantastic and incredibly stylish. Are they Camp? I’m not sure. 

They have strong late 80s vibe, particularly in the shoulders and the big buttons, but 80s isn’t necessarily Camp. There’s no nod towards artifice as we are used to seeing in fashion, but there is an element of exaggeration to their twinness. They are not trying to be Camp, which is precisely why they might be. And the fact that every outlet is writing them off as off-theme makes me want to consult a Camp expert on their status. 

This Vox piece on Camp asks the question: “Would Oscar Wilde react to this with delight, delighted contempt, or only pure contempt?” If it’s one of the first two, you’re golden.” I think he would be delighted with the Olsen twins and their leather outfits and lack of interest in everyone and anything. This, and the fact that they are so serious they are unintentionally funny, tilts them into camp territory, I think.

Here’s what I do know. I could watch Mary-Kate say “let’s go” to her sister over and over again. (12 second mark here.)