Big night tonight. The UK premiere of House of Gucci is happening in just about an hour from the time of this writing which means that Lady Gaga will be on a red carpet serving Patrizia Reggiani energy; it’ll be the pop culture black hole of the day, if not the week. Because we all know she’ll be a worldwide focus the minute she steps out of the car. There is no way she will underwhelm. There’s not much of a chance anyone else will be noticed…


Because Gaga is a red carpet stunter. She’s been stunting on red carpets for 15 years now. And whether it’s an egg or a meat dress or Judy Garland cosplay, she knows how to become a spectacle, the only spectacle. House of Gucci is very much her movie. And as we saw from her Vogue profile last week, she’s playing this press tour like a full-tilt diva, befitting her character. So the memes are coming. The social media snatching is coming. There is no better salesperson for this film. 

But Jared Leto will try it. 

Like Gaga, Jared Leto is also a red carpet stunter. What can he possibly wear tonight, though, to make you see anyone but Mother Monster? Will he just concede and show up in a black tux and call it a day? 

Here’s Jared arriving at the hotel in London today. He’s wearing a very inconspicuous hat – it’s bright blue, with a pom on top. Very subtle. Not easy for photographers to identify at all.