Lady Gaga and Adam Driver have been in Rome working on House of Gucci for several weeks now. You’ve seen many of those photos. What’s new here (at least this is the first time I’m posting about it) is that they are now joined by Jared Leto who is playing Paolo Gucci. 


As you can see, Paolo’s costume involves balding on the top of his head. As we know, Jared’s long straggly hair is one of his signatures. And, of course, his exhausting commitment to going as full method as possible as an actor so the question is, when the hair and the method have to meet…what happens? 

Vanity or artistry? 

Do you think Jared’s look here is the work of the hair and makeup department? Or did he shave his head? I mean, if he’s all about getting into character, living and breathing the character, going to whatever lengths necessary to inhabit the character, what’s a foot of hair? It’ll grow back, right? He can still make it work at the Met Gala without his Jesus hair, can’t he? Jared Leto can rock out no matter if he’s bald or long-haired, non? 


Wouldn’t you expect Jared Leto, the ultimate thespian, to sacrifice a few inches of mane in service of the art?! 

Curious about the dynamic here between Jared and Adam because, understatement, Adam is known for his intensity. Wonder whether or not, with Jared’s methodness and Adam’s seriousness, what the vibe is when they’re together. Or maybe Gaga’s the one who shuts that sh-t down. As in, show up, say your lines, feel the moment, and quit with the pretention, I’m the only diva here.