News broke a couple of weeks ago that Jason Momoa and Eiza Gonzalez were dating. As I wrote at the time, it was PEOPLE that had the exclusive and it seemed as though they were given the go-ahead to report it, that whoever leaked it to PEOPLE had permission to leak it. 


Now PEOPLE again has the exclusive but in the opposite direction. 

“A source tells PEOPLE that the Dune actor, 42, and Ambulance actress, 32, have split, after PEOPLE confirmed last month that they were dating. 

"They're just very different people," says the insider.

Another source says the pair are "hoping they might work it out." "They love each other very much having dated quietly for some time before it became public," the source adds. "They are in different life stages."

A source told PEOPLE in May that Momoa and González were "exclusive" and had been seeing each other since February "after meeting through work and mutual connections."

"Right now it's not a very serious situation and they're both just seeing where it goes," the latter insider said. "They've been spending time together when they can and making it work between their two busy schedules."


How did we go from “not a very serious situation” to “love each other very much” to it’s over? OK but initially PEOPLE was saying it wasn’t a “serious situation”. Now they “love each other very much”? I mean, sure. Love can happen quickly and love can unravel quickly. Jason and Eiza apparently first started in February. News of their relationship came out mid-May. A month later and they’re done… sort of. Because we’re also hearing that they “might work it out”. 

How many “but maybes” can there possibly be in one story?! Is this a litmus test for their relationship? Could just be me but the way I read it, it’s almost like… let’s see how sad people are that they broke up and if people are mourning, we can get back together! Thing is, I’m not sure all that many people care. 

Like definitely nowhere near the amount of caring about Jason as it was when he was married to the coolest person ever, Lisa Bonet.