I’m about to say something really inflammatory and we are going to fight. This is the expression I make when I see one of those fake white Christmas trees. I don’t believe in them! Also black wreaths! More and more people are putting up black wreaths. Ask Mimi – does she consider a black wreath festive? I wonder what Mimi, the Queen of Christmas, thinks of white trees? How loudly are you yelling at me now? (Dlisted) 

I love this outfit on Rachel Brosnahan so much, it was almost going to be the Outfit of the Week. So much good is happening here. Good decision with the topknot, so into the large pointed collar and the addition of the collar like an attachment totally adds some flair because, otherwise, this would not have been a very interesting neckline. The jacket is beautifully tailored, I’m super into the pleats on the skirt, and I quite like the length on her, with this structure, and this style. What would it take to get Princess Kate in something like this? (Go Fug Yourself) 

Jenna Dewan covers the January issue of Cosmopolitan and she addresses the “LOVE IS DEAD!” reaction that happened when she and Channing Tatum announced their separation. She seems to also have a healthy awareness about her celebrity status. The key quote here, I think, is what she says about being an “empath”. She’s a giver. Was Channing a taker? I’m mostly the taker in my relationship. This is what my husband would say. I hope he would also say that, once in a while, I give a little. And that might be the balance. (Cele|bitchy) 

So while I’m not into white Christmas trees, I am very, very into this adorable white baby reindeer! Look at that face and those wobbly legs that are still figuring out how to hold themselves up! (OMG Blog) 

Apparently nobody cares about the Victoria’s Secret fashion show anymore. I’ve never watched one in its entirety and it’s because I don’t think it ever looks any different – it’s always wings and bras! How much variety can there be year after year when there are just wings and bras. That’s the bigger problem: there is no variety, not in the costumes or in the people who are wearing them. And it’s not like Leonardo DiCaprio has to be at one of the shows to decide which model he wants to date next. (The Cut) 

Pink salt is a thing… did you know this? I’m not up on my salts because I don’t use very much of it. Salt is my most common complaint – I am always whining about how food is too salty. It’s not that I like bland food – I promise, I don’t. For me though, instead of salt, I’m adding something spicy. So about this pink salt, since I’ve never seen it, or heard of it until now – is it good? (The Atlantic)

The Ringer’s list of the year’s Top 10 songs. There’s a song here from A Star is Born. Guess which one? I’m going to tell you. Actually, no. I’m going to tell Kathleen. It is NOT the song at the end of the movie, the one I can’t remember, the one that is boring and forgettable, the one that’s not as good as the Butt Song. (The Ringer)