What did you binge over the holidays? For me it was a lot of Chinese and Korean dramas (Lighter and Princess, She and Her Perfect Husband, Reborn Rich), the latest season of Big Mouth, and Wednesday… except for the last episode. Because I don’t quite want to finish it yet, like I want to have something of Wednesday to save, I love her so much. Not that I don’t agree with everything in Sarah’s review of the show, I totally do – especially her point about the boys; I do not care about the boys (less boys, more Enid, please). But I do care SO MUCH about Wednesday, as played by Jenna Ortega. An instant icon!


I mean, that’s what we do these days, right? We throw that word around a lot, too much. Social media crowns icons every day, or iconic moments, and two minutes later is onto the next. But as Sarah has said multiple times, every generation deserves its own Wednesday, and given that the character alone is iconic, when an actor nails the role… well… for a new generation of fans, Jenna’s Wednesday has become the standard of its time.

It's unanimous, isn’t it? Jenna Ortega as Wednesday Addams is amazing. I can’t get enough of her. When she was in the morgue, pretending to be a cadaver so as not to get caught, to the point where the coroner couldn’t tell the difference, and then told Thing “five more minutes, I was just getting comfortable”, I laughed for the rest of that episode – her performance is brilliant. I am obsessed with her. 

Anyway, Jenna brought some Wednesday energy last night as she and Emma Meyers (Enid) attended a Netflix party in LA. First of all, it’s adorable that they coordinated their fits and there’s similar DNA in Jenna’s with my most recent Outfit of the Week on Jenny Slate – the Thom Browne aesthetic with the cropped white shirt. What’s great too is this kilt, with different shades on the panels, and of course she’s modelling one of the big trends from the last year: headphones as accessories. They look great with her shades. 


Wednesday is Jenna’s big breakthrough. The show’s popularity has made her an instant star. We should be hearing a lot more about Jenna in 2023, and hopefully seeing more of her style personality. On the gossip side, Percy Hynes White (Xavier) was also with the Wednesday team last night – and already there are rumours that he and Jenna are dating; they’re currently shooting a rom-com together. The shipping has already started.