After Brange became Brange and Jennifer Aniston rounded out one of the most infamous love triangles in Hollywood history, it used to be that when one showed up somewhere or did something, the other would inevitably counter back with an appearance or a quote or a moment. They went on like this for years. And, to my mind, it happened too often and too reliably to have ever been a coincidence.

Jen is with Justin Theroux now. And Brange is no more. And yesterday Angelina Jolie’s new Vanity Fair cover was released and everyone’s talking about her interview and… around the same time… Jen was at Jason Bateman’s Walk of Fame ceremony. Definitely a coincidence in this case. But it’s amazing how the gossip timing keeps working for us.

Jen lovingly mocked her good friend Jason at the event, pulling up old photos of him, praising his generosity and his sense of humour, and reminding us that it’s not easy to survive in the business as long as Jason has:

“One thing has proven itself to be true and that is that having longevity in this business is not easy, especially starting off as a child actor. Usually that’s a story that doesn’t always end well, and, when I actually met Jason it was kind of looking like it could go either way.”

She also, as someone who’s was once famous for her hair, complimented him on his hair….and she’s right. I’ve never thought about it but Jason Bateman DOES have great hair:

"He looks 12. He acts 100. A head of hair that women envy. He works hard. He's tired. Even in his most restful state, he's one of the loveliest men to be around. He always gives you deep connection, full attention, authenticity and some of the deepest belly laughs that I can remember. We are so very proud of you."