For a long time, we used to see Jennifer Aniston at the Emmys all the time. It was during the Friends era. And, of course, the Friends were all Emmy regulars. Jennifer won the Emmy for Lead Actress in a Comedy in 2002. Time for some Gossip Nostalgia. Here she is onstage accepting the award: 


Her date that night, of course, was her then-husband Brad Pitt. They’d been married two years at this point. Here’s how they reacted the moment her name was called:



And here they are arriving on the carpet: 


It’s been 16 years. After Friends was over, Jennifer moved away from television. The Emmys are not her awards show anymore. Or they haven’t been her awards show anymore. Since Friends though, now, we are in the time of prestige TV. She is returning to series TV soon with Reese Witherspoon. Reese Witherspoon stormed the Emmys with Big Little Lies last year and has several other television projects in development. And now Jennifer Aniston is back on the TV awards scene, seen here at the Netflix pre-Emmy party hanging out with Netflix’s content chief Ted Sarandos, one of the most powerful players in television production. She was also there likely in support of her friend Jason Bateman and Ozark, nominated for four Emmys. And of course, as you know, she just wrapped on a movie for Netflix, Murder Mystery, with Adam Sandler. It looks like Jennifer Aniston is out there hustling. So instead of sniffing out for romance gossip, maybe we should be digging into the work gossip? Because the work gossip can give us a play for romance gossip too. Justin Theroux, after all, has been trying to get to the next work level. I like the idea that, after exiting his “boring” life with Jennifer Aniston, she’s the one who’s going next level with her work, with her projects, with her career.