It was announced back in March that Jennifer Aniston had signed on to the film adaptation of the YA book Dumplin’. “Dumplin’” is Willowdean and Jen is playing Willowdean’s mom, a former beauty queen who’s still very actively involved in beauty pageants. As I wrote at the time, just think of the hair possibilities. Production on Dumplin’ is now underway in Georgia. And here’s our first look at Jen with beauty queen mom hair.

It’s bangs.

Well, yeah. That would do it.

Bangs and that specific tone of ashy blonde hair colour. And in combination with the pastels, this 100% pure from concentrate beauty queen mom vibes. Also…Draper James by Reese Witherspoon. Like if you told me this entire outfit came from Reese’s collection, I’d say, yeah, of course it did. But then again, the character isn’t supposed to be in New York. She’s supposed to be exactly the way you’re seeing Jen in these photos. I think she’s going to be great in this role.