Here are Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon in LA working on the second season of The Morning Show. Jen was seen in a grey suit for one scene and a camel coat for another – very Alex Levy. Both at one point are wearing face shields. Have we talked about the fact that Julianna Margulies is joining the cast?! Variety confirmed this in December and she’ll be playing a character called Laura Peterson who’s a news anchor at UBA, the network that broadcasts The Morning Show. Will be interesting to see how that dynamic plays out. 


Apple TV+ has not yet confirmed when The Morning Show will return. They’ve been in production for at least three months now though, with a few weeks off for the holidays and because of COVID shutdowns in LA. If I had to guess, they should be done by the end of March (on average, generally, one hour of television takes about eight days to shoot – unless it’s Game of Thrones) and they can go into post during the spring and part of the summer and launch in the fall? The first season started streaming on November 1, 2019, in time for the holiday season and the awards stretch. I’m guessing that Apple would want to follow the same schedule. 

In other Jennifer Aniston news, last week people online were speculating about her and Brad Pitt after she posted a photo to IG stories with some dude lying in the background and some thought it was Brad, after DeuxMoi shared unverified tips they’d received from people claiming that Brad’s filming on a nearby lot and has come to visit her on set. That rumour has since been watered down:

DeuxMoi's Instagram Story

But Christ, are we doing this again? Or, better question, are we still doing this? For what it’s worth, and remember DeuxMoi is quite clear about not verifying their tips, this week they’ve posted gossip from people who’ve heard that Jen has a new boyfriend, that she’s been casually dating a not-Brad mystery man. Which, I get it, would not be as fun as a Brad and Jen reunion, because that would indeed be good for gossip ….but would it though? Or are we in a Star Wars situation?

Sarah has written often about how Star Wars has limited itself to a very narrow story universe and refuses to world-build and expand, which is why we keep coming back to those Skywalkers – and it’s boring. Maybe, in the gossip universe, we should be looking to other super-couples?!?! There has to be more to gossip than Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston, COME.ON.