As we’ve been seeing, now that many territories have opened up again, celebrities are back to their regular stops on the circuit. In Paris, Haute Couture week kicked off yesterday and … well… I was hoping Celine Dion would make her return to the place where she brings us so much joy but so far we haven’t seen her yet. There are other major stars who’ve returned to the fashion show front row though, and Christian Dior brought out some heavy-hitters. 


Let’s start with Jennifer Lawrence, who was absent from the red carpet even before COVID, when she took time off from filming, met and married Cooke Maroney, and has maintained a very low profile ever since. JLaw has long been associated with Dior, though, and seeing as high fashion is making its return, of course the brand would have wanted one of their most well-known ambassadors representing. The piece she chose, however, is pretty understated. Like I’m sure this dress she’s wearing is expensive as f-ck but I wouldn’t say it’s all that memorable. This seems to be JLaw’s vibe these days though. You don’t have to peacock to participate. Not sure that she would have stuck around for the parties either, and may have been in and out of Paris quicker than most. A few weeks ago I heard from a couple of sources that there may be special changes happening in her personal life but that it likely wouldn’t be made public. Something to check back on perhaps over the next few months. 


While Jennifer’s Dior look was decidedly low-key, Jessica Chastain and Florence Pugh definitely brought more drama. Really into Jessica’s angel harp heart situation and Florence was in two looks, both crop-tops, with lots of colour and print. Florence, along with Anya Taylor-Joy, is one of the “It” actresses of the moment and when Black Widow comes out, her popularity will explode. She’s amazing in the movie, she’s heading toward household name status, so it won’t be long before she signs a big fashion house deal – or at least is offered one, if she hasn’t been already. Florence hung out at Dior with fellow Brits Cara Delevingne and Suki Waterhouse. Curious to see which other shows she attends, or if Dior will be her only one. And if that’s the case, whether or not that means that Dior will be the house she becomes aligned with. 

More Paris Haute Couture week photos coming up later today.