The never-ending deluge of trailers continues with Adam McKay’s Don’t Look Up, another Netflix movie we won’t remember in six months. This is the fancier version of Moonfall, about a comet headed for Earth and, I guess, the political maneuvering that goes on around an end-of-the-world scenario. Adam McKay’s bag since The Big Short has been socio-political satire, and that is what Don’t Look Up is serving in its teaser. It’s also serving a glimpse at its mega-cast, with Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence front and center, but also Meryl Streep, Jonah Hill, Timothee Chalamet in cheap extensions, Mark Rylance, Cate Blanchett, Gina Gershon, Tyler Perry—underappreciated as an actor, his performance in Gone Girl remains one of my favorites of the 2010s—Himesh Patel, Ariana Grande, Melanie Lynskey, the list goes on.  Also of note, the score is by Nicholas Britell, he of the Succession theme, but also one of the most interesting composers working in film right now. The movie looks fine, I guess. Mostly I’m into Leo D doing a comedy performance. My favorite Leo is Catch Me If You Can Leo. If he’s in that ballpark, I’ll be happy.


Earlier in the summer, Lainey wrote about JLaw’s appearance at the Dior fashion show, mentioning that there “may be special changes happening in her personal life” that “likely wouldn’t be made public”. Well, it’s public now, as PEOPLE confirmed JLaw is pregnant with her first child, with husband Cooke Maroney. (If it’s a girl, please name her Jenna.) I wonder if this means we’re about to see JLaw out and about looking visibly pregnant, as we just did with Olivia Munn and the Munn-Mulaney Baby. Nothing forces a celebrity baby confirmation like photos. Also, I assume this means we won’t see a super ton of JLaw during awards season. With a December 24 release date, Netflix is putting Don’t Look Up in prime awards contention, but their special Oscar boy this year is The Power of the Dog. She likely wouldn’t have been expected to run a major campaign, not like Kirsten Dunst is, and now JLaw has a completely sympathetic reason to maintain her lower profile and not do the full awards season rounds, especially as COVID remains active around the globe. With all these celebrity babies announced, we can move onto the best part of other people’s babies: guessing and analysing the names.