As posted yesterday Page Six was the first to report that Jennifer Lawrence has a new boyfriend. He’s Cooke Maroney, the director of an art gallery. On Tuesday Jennifer and Cooke were photographed together in New York – Daily Mail has the exclusive photos

Coincidence or conspiracy? 

Probably the agency got a hold of these shots but didn’t know the identity of the dude so Page Six was able to make the ID and was credited with breaking the story but the DM won the bid for the pictures? That’s how I read the situation, not that it matters. What matters is that we have some shots to look at. And she looks really happy. Which is how we all should look when it’s the beginning of summer and it’s the beginning of a relationship. I am very familiar with her smile. You too are probably familiar with her smile. That’s the smile of a girl who has a new boy to be excited about. A tall boy! She’s not short, Jennifer Lawrence. Cooke (that name, I swear) might even be taller than Nicholas Hoult. 

Enough about her love life though. Can we talk about her feet? It’s the season of blisters. Those are not easy shoes to walk in. And it looks like Jen’s been walking a lot in them because the back of one ankle is sore to the point where she’s had to slip her shoe off. I’ve been there. Or, I should say, I was there. Because I refuse this now. I refuse to go sock free, ever. I need that layer of protection, even in oxfords and loafers. If you can see the thin sock line around my ankles, so be it, as long as I’m pain-free. And besides, ankle socks these days are not what they used to be; they can actually add to an outfit. I like an all-black outfit with black loafers and the hint of shock pink or blue or silver, like maybe a quarter of inch, coming up from the edge of the shoe. It’s cute. Try!