Yesterday I posted about Jennifer Lawrence’s bombshell wardrobe in London while promoting Red Sparrow. As noted, the styling is in line with her character, she’s selling a character and the movie. But also…was there a secondary motivation? Someone she was targeting? 

Was she setting a thirst trap? 

In a new interview with ET, Jen revealed her celebrity crush is Elio himself, Timothee Chalamet


She’s right. He’s hot. I told you this back in September! SO hot. Like beautiful. I interviewed him at the TIFF premiere of Call My By Your Name and then spent the next 10 minutes while he was finishing up his other interviews just staring at his face. Clearly Jennifer Lawrence feels the same way. 

As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, Red Sparrow comes out Oscar weekend. It would make sense then for her to be a presenter at the Oscars, if it works into her promotional schedule. Which means she and Timmy could meet then. Or at the parties before. 

Jen is 27. Timmy is 22. Is there really an age problem here? By Leonardo DiCaprio’s standards, this is not an age problem at all. I would not be mad if this happens. I would not be mad if Timmy steps into Jen’s trap. 

PS. Look at all the Gossip Genie romances we suddenly have available to us!