Taylor Swift’s The Eras tour stopped in Philadelphia this weekend. Matty Healy was there with her, once again, for the entire weekend and at one of the shows he was hanging out with dad Scott: 


Meanwhile, more gross sh-t about Matty has been surfacing online also related to that podcast that I mentioned last week during which he participates in a racist conversation about Asian people. Per Buzzfeed, in that same podcast, Matty is also heard laughing about once getting busted watching porn that is degrading to Black women. The typical audience that frequents the website that he was watching has been described as “white men humiliating and sexually dominating Black women — physical violence coupled with jokes about poverty, welfare, slavery, putting nooses on women”. Matty’s defenders claim that he’s out here performing satire. That sh-t doesn’t even work with established comedians, why would it work when Matty Healy is doing it?! As I wrote last week, Matty has kinda sorta apologised for his behaviour but there was no specificity in his words, he never made it clear what it was that he was sorry about, and there certainly was no attempt at dialogue to understand why people were offended.


But of course we’re not supposed to talk about this anymore because he’s dating Taylor Swift now and her fame and power will ostensibly give him a pass. That said, there are a lot of Swifties who aren’t happy about this. 

As for the other less controversial celebrities who were at Taylor’s shows in Philadelphia – Blake Lively was there with two of her daughters (Taylor shouted them out on stage) and Jennifer Lawrence was there too. JLaw was papped in NYC earlier in the day getting in a car and she was in the same outfit at the concert. 


I was mistaken last week when I said that Taylor had a break after this weekend. I was looking at the wrong chart. The tour is in New York at the end of the month so either it didn’t work for JLaw’s schedule to go to the NYC show or Taylor has a preference for which of her famous friends comes to which one of her concerts. It’s only a two-hour drive, or less, from NYC to Philly anyway. PS. JLaw was in the VIP section with Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban.