Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez have been on holiday this week in Italy. Last night she got on the mic for an impromptu performance at dinner. This was documented on Instagram, obviously:



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If you follow both their IGs, you’ve seen they’ve been sharing a lot of pictures and stories. And many of these are taken by a professional photographer so that they look super editorial. Like this:


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So are they just on holiday with a friend who happens to be a professional photographer or is this just the thing to do now for celebrities? Travel with a professional photographer. Live life with a professional photographer. Beyoncé does this too. 

In other JLo news, we are ten days away from the MTV VMAs where she will be performing and receiving the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award. I’ve been thinking about what we’ll get from JLo on VMA night and what we should expect. I’m surprised she’s not rehearsing. This always fascinates me – their schedules, when they start putting sh-t together. Ten days doesn’t seem like a lot of time to me. Probably she’ll be co-opting some of her Vegas show dance sequences into the performance and she’s been doing this long enough it’s not like she has to start from scratch but I feel like she’ll at least be home by tonight because JLo is also known for her work ethic. And I imagine she’ll be hitting the studio hard this weekend. 

As Kathleen wrote a couple of weeks ago, JLo does indeed have a memorable video archive. Is there any video in her archive that’s more memorable than "Jenny From The Block" though? This scene below? You can’t argue. It’s ICONIC:

The ultimate Gossip Genie dream that night then would be for Ben Affleck to show up to honour her and to commemorate his own place in Vanguard history. Can you imagine? WE NEED THIS TO HAPPEN.

Chances of this happening? Very low. If she was single, maybe the possibility would be there. But I can’t see that being OK for ARod’s ego. Can you? JLo knows how to manage a man’s ego…until she’s done managing the ego. At which point she’s out, quick. If he’s OK with it though, sure, I’ll turn into a JRod stan immediately.