Two couples went for dinner at San Vincente Bungalows last night in LA. Well, probably more, but these are two I’m featuring together. Let’s start with Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez, both quite tanned, both in their masks, and both dressed like it’s a business dinner. This is a power couple, they’re each CEOs, independently in their endeavours and together as a partnership. This is not my favourite JLo outfit but it’s a very JLo outfit. Speaking out outfits, here’s JLo virtually attending last week’s Balmain fashion show in new photos posted yesterday:


This is a lot of work to basically watch a fashion show from home. I appreciate JLo’s commitment, always. 

But here’s what I don’t appreciate – ARod taunting me with his golf photos. We’re still golfing here in Toronto but it’s cold and windy on the course. And the logo on his hat – Presidente beer, the beer of the Dominican Republic, which is where Jacek and I have been going every November for the last eight years to celebrate our wedding anniversary. But not this year because of this COVID f-cksh-t. I MISS YOU PUNTA CANA. 

As for the other couple, here are Kaia Gerber and Jacob Elordi, also out for dinner, and not dressed like business people because they live in sneakers. And are allowed to bring their dog. Can anyone just roll up with their pet and get a table? Not that I want to bring my dogs to dinner – I actually don’t because they are a pain in the ass and would just beg and mooch for food the whole time – but I’m just wondering if this is a thing that’s generally allowed. 

Earlier in the day, Kaia and Jacob were seen in Malibu, matching in white tanks. It’s been over a month since they first stepped out together as a couple. At the time E! reported that it wasn’t yet serious. I dunno. It seemed pretty serious from go. I feel like this generation of celebrity doesn’t ever do casual.