Earlier today in my post about Adele, I wrote about how stupid it is to connect her business with her romance. We can discuss her professional setbacks independently from her personal life – because a woman can work and love at the same time and it’s absurd to suggest that getting into a fight with a boyfriend has an impact on how a woman performs at her job. If she makes a mistake at her job, assess the mistake on the basis of her competence, period. Nobody needs to be talking about what’s going on in her relationship. 


And you know who’s been holding that up for decades? 

Jennifer Lopez. 

Jennifer Lopez LOVES. She’s been in and out of love…and she’s managed to build an empire along the way. No matter what’s going on with her romances, whether or not she’s getting engaged or breaking off an engagement, the business of JLo never stops. 

Yesterday it was announced that JLo has new business. Per The Hollywood Reporter:

"Skydance Television, Concord Originals and Jennifer Lopez’s Nuyorican Productions are teaming up to produce a series based on Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella. Rachel Shukert, who created The Baby-Sitters Club for Netflix, will adapt the musical and serve as showrunner. The project is the first to result from a deal between the three companies to develop original material based on Concord’s library of musicals. It will be taken to potential buyers in the near future.”


According to BroadwayWorld, JLo will “star in at least one of the [future] screen adaptations”.

This partnership is in addition to the production deal she made with Netflix last year. And on top of all that she has her beauty line and her Coach ambassadorship and all the other sh-t she does that I can’t remember right now. Jennifer Lopez, always hustling. Like I said, whether or not she’s falling in love or out of it, JLo keeps hustling. So when she says she’s only “just getting started”, this bitch is not joking. 

And that’s what I expect to see next month when her documentary, Halftime, is released on Netflix – what does all that hustle look like? This is Show Your Work, JLo edition. Can we please get a f-cking trailer already?! 

Attached – JLo, her sister Lynda, and Ben Affleck checking out another mansion last weekend. And a few shots of her out and about in LA this week.