Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s Mediterranean yacht tour isn’t over yet – at least it wasn’t yesterday. Here are brand new shots of Bennifer in Nerano, Italy, enjoying what appears to be a more low-key day on the boat. As if hanging out on a billion-dollar vessel is low-key, lol. 


JLo isn’t giving up any bikini shots today. That, I guess, was a birthday special. This red and white striped bandeau though is adorable. And it’s a full outfit, a proper yacht outfit, not exactly lounge wear. Ben’s clothing is noteworthy too. It’s a tie-dye polo, which I like on him. And I like that he’s keeping it him – the shirt is untucked, the collar is way open, so even for those who are suggesting that his wardrobe is getting an upgrade because they’re together, unlike how it was back in the OG days, they’re finding a space where Ben’s style vibe can be slightly elevated, but stay within his lane. 

Anyway, Bennifer has now been on holiday for almost a week, and chances are they’ll be returning soon to LA. JLo works a lot. There is a business to get back to. And for Ben, business looms too. He has a screenplay he’s been writing and also…The Last Duel. 

I posted about the Venice Film Festival in the previous article about Kristen Stewart and how Spencer will be screening in competition there; The Last Duel is not screening in competition but it is a world premiere, and even though Ben’s role appears to be supporting to Jodie Comer, Matt Damon, and Adam Driver, I can’t imagine the studio and director Ridley Scott wouldn’t want the full team represented, if schedules allow.


Could Bennifer make a return to Italy at the beginning of September? I mean… it would be a spectacle – and I’m not sure that’s the kind of spectacle they’re after, or is it? If I’m the studio, it’s enough to see Ben and Matt on a carpet together with Adam and Ridley. And Jodie, being the lead female actor on the film, you want her to be the focus, both of the film’s story and the carpet. The JLo heatscore would only take away from that.

But there are many, many more opportunities. Like can we somehow get Bennifer to the MTV VMAs on September 12? 

And then the f-cking Met Gala the next night? 

Make this happen, Anna Wintour!