Time for our daily check-in with the best gossip of 2021. Just want to reiterate here that…it’s 2021. And we are talking about Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez. And it’s not 2003, it’s 2021! 

To recap: Ben flew to Miami on the weekend to see JLo and they were papped together with a lot of, um, glow. He was also seen wearing what looks like the watch JLo gave him from back in the day, which means he would have kept it in some kind of love box all this time. 


As of yesterday, Ben was still in Miami and while they were not photographed in the same frame, they’re obviously staying in her rental and …doing whatever it is that they’ve been doing. Which for him means smoke breaks and for her means going out by the pool to stretch in the sunshine. We can assume that they know that the paps are on them, right? We can assume that they know that everyone’s been talking about their love glow and the watch, right? JLo is not an amateur. She may not acknowledge everything that everyone says about her but she and her team are aware of when she’s being talked about – and what people are saying. Besides, they both have security and it’s not like their security wouldn’t inform them that there are people taking pictures. This of course is part of being as famous as JLo and as double-famous as these two are together and I’m not saying it’s right, but JLo isn’t the first to complain about it. She never has because the JLo style is just to stay unbothered and to keep rolling and winning. 


But let’s go back to what they’re doing…which no one knows, despite outlets like Us Weekly claiming to have details about how much these two are “snuggling”. I mean, I’m sure there’s some snuggling happening but as much as I want to believe it’s all day, this woman is a mogul, she’s running multiple businesses, and even though this might be down time for her right now, we all know with JLo there’s never fully a down time where she’s not tapped into the business of being JLo. She’s working at least some of the time. Which, if it were me, would be so motivating to be around. Seriously, if I could work in the vicinity of JLo, I would get a lot more done. So I’m wondering if Ben is getting work done. He’s supposed to be writing the screenplay for the film adaptation of the book The Big Goodbye: Chinatown and the Last Years of Hollywood. And we know it turns her on, his writing. So that’s some added incentive too. That might be what he’s doing on these smoke breaks – every writer who’s been a smoker will tell you that there comes a time in the writing when you have to go out there to work out some thoughts. I know this is verging into fan fiction but maybe that can be the next chapter of Bennifer, when six months from now, after Ben delivers the Chinatown screenplay, we can say it came out of his reconciliation with JLo, that this rekindled romance also kicked off one of the most productive times in his career.