It’s been over two weeks since I last posted about Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez! We’ve posted about JLo and her work…but nothing about the two of them. So here they are at brunch this weekend and we’ll get to that in minute. Let’s talk first about how quiet it’s been in the Bennifer solar system. 


By their standards, pretty quiet. 

Especially after the wedding bonanza. Two wedding bonanzas, actually. And a familymoon in Paris and a honeymoon in Italy – it’s been a big Bennifer year. Now, because they’re more experienced with the heatscore of their relationship, they’re calibrating accordingly and have stayed low for the last little while. Not as many pap photos, not much activity on social media, nothing from On The JLo. 

That could also be because JLo spent September working on a new movie and Ben’s in post for his Nike movie and we know, at least with JLo, the work never suffers no matter what’s going on in her personal life. 


But there’s always time for brunch!

They went to brunch at the Beverly Hills Hotel and Ben in particular is dressed for it. This is an advertisement for a brunch outfit, look at him. Camel coat, light sweater, khakis, and suede shoes, it’s like the script called for “middle-aged man goes for high-end brunch” and the costume designer nailed the job.