Jennifer Lopez was still in Italy this weekend and was seen partying in Capri on Saturday with her entourage. At one point she started performing and I’m not sure if it was planned or impromptu but I also don’t think it matters. Just know that she was at the Anema e Core taverna and the music came on and she hopped on the mic…because an entertainer is always entertaining!


This entertainer entertained so hard that she ripped her dress – you can see the tear under her right arm. Which is why I’m thinking this wasn’t actually a planned thing because performance clothing is usually meant to hold up during rigorous activity. 

JLo, who’s been on stage dancing and singing for almost 30 years, would have more experience than most with what’s required of a piece of clothing when she’s doing her thing for an audience. This dress wasn’t meant for a concert. That might be what it would say to you if it was asked to comment. 

Anyway, JLo is clearly getting the most out of her time in Italy, living the yacht life and doing the most at the club, and also… the food. 



She shared a video a couple of days ago and included a shot of herself eating pasta and I want a bite of whatever “spaghetti ravioli” that is. 

A trip to the Amalfi Coast is not in my future, in fact I’ve never been. But if I ever do, I will eat the whole place down. I will eat it all.