Jennifer Lopez was in Paris last week and the trip was presumably work-related since she was joined by members of her team and also her manager, Benny Medina. That said, with JLo it’s always work-related. This is the life of a multihyphenate, a word we don’t use anymore because, I guess, it’s been replaced, sort of, by influencer. 


As for what work JLo is doing – I mean it could be the new album, which is supposed to come out this fall. Or maybe it’s Delola, her line of spritzes, which have pretty much taken over her Instagram these days. There’s a LOT of Delola happening. On JLo IG. You know how some celebrities are much more judicious about how much they post brand partnerships? Not JLo. JLo is out here pushing heavy on Delola so I’ll be really curious to see when/if we get a sales report, how well, or perhaps not, it’s actually doing. 


Anyway, that was France, now it’s the Amalfi Coast. She was photographed today leaving by boat after lunch, adding her name to the always long list of celebrities who spend their summers in Italy on the yacht. As you can see, she’s dressed for it too. This is a perfect outfit for the setting and the season – and this bitch, even in pap photos the light is working for her. 

Ben Affleck wasn’t with her but he was seen in Florence greeting Jennifer Garner and their kids a few days ago so, presumably, the two are in the same country. And his birthday is next week so there’s no way they won’t be together at some point in the next few days. Maybe it’ll be a blended family holiday.